Aurora Bertrana 21 - 08028 Barcelona
T. +34 932 922 000


Aurora Bertrana 21 - 08028 Barcelona
T. +34 932 922 000

Who would have thought that in the end is only zeros and ones?

The communication of the companies is a reflection of their personality, their values, their beliefs and their proposals. Whether it be services or products, communication is essential to reach people. And with the digital era, the media has been democratized. Having a web, send a newsletter, manage social networking is no longer a question of budget. And no major investments in the media are required to reach our users, but it is necessary to have a clear strategy. And being a partner in the definition of this strategy has become the main mission of Factor Essencial. Knowing what to do and how we will do it. Even if at the end, it's just to transform everything into zeros and ones, but with clear ideas.

Want to know some of the digital marketing strategies of Factor Essencial?

Marketing plan. 360º service.

A comprehensive service. From printing to the Facebook page.

We plan from design and web programming, social networks, newsletters, SEO positioning and analysis of results.

Content, writing. Whatever you want to call it.

In digital strategy, the generation of value content is integral to the achievement of the objectives.

Knowing what to say, whom to direct it and publish it. That's how we work, with editors, sometimes, specialized, that connect with people because they are interested what they say.

Management of social networks. Wherever you are, we'll be there.

We do not know you yet, but we know where you are. In Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+.

The audience is diverse and moves. Being in touch with them, wherever they are, is achieved with the optimal management of social networks. Because if you're alive, we're sure you will move around at some digital space.

SEO. If you do not appear, you do not exist. Just to be clear

Within the internet world, being well located is as important as being well documented.

A web page is what it is, not only for its design and content but if you find it when you are looking for answers. With Factor Essencial you will be found. Just to be clear.

Google advertising campaigns.

From a campaign in search engine results, to design banners for a campaign in Google Display.

SEM campaigns help us to contact users who are searching the Internet for answers to needs. Appear when they have written a word associated with our offer is the main goal of these campaigns.

If you want to contact with Alex Puig, the maximum responsible of Factor Essencial, you can do it by different ways, by mail to alex.puig[at]factoressencial[dot]com, calling our offices in Barcelona T. 932 922 000, with +34 if you call out of Spain or via skype in lecypui.
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