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Virtual inspiration.

Presentation of the company.

BJC. Fábrica Electrotécnica Josa, it's a Siemens Group company that has more than 400 employees and has an offer that surpass 4000 references, distributed in four big divisions of manufacture: Small electrical material, Lighting, Domotics and Industrial material. We speak about a company of opened and innovative character that always bets for the design as an indispensable value added both aesthetic and functional.

Structure and design.

E-architect supports a clear structure of website divided in 4 paragraphs well differed form each other. Each of them presents a very advertising format based on a direct and memorable headline, a small descriptive text and an image that reinforces the message. When the user clicks on one of the paragraphs, this one changes to occupy the whole page, offering all the information about the concrete topic across textual content, images, documents downloadables and, even, forms.  

Advantages for the receiver.

E-news of BJC reflects the desire of the electrical engineer company for always keeping an opened communication, updated and participative with the professionals of the architecture and the design. E-Architect is a space full of articles, exhibitions, projects and news that acts as a tailor's inspiring booth updated in virtual magazine. Clicking between its pages, the addressee will be able to find proposals that should catch his attention and that, probably, it should serve him as source of inspiration for his work.

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